Projects Location Date
El Cajon Hydroelectric Project, Transmission Lines Honduras 1987
Arecuna and Dobokubi Substations (115/13.8 kV) Anzoátegui 1988
800 kV Yaritagua Substation Yaracuy 1990
Interconnecting Substation, Las Morochas Oil Sector Zulia 1994
Reva Project, Electric Power Substations for Steam Recovery Monagas 1996
210 km San Geronimo–Jose Barbacoa II 400 kV Transmission Line Anzoátegui 1999
Las Claritas 400-234.5 kV Substation Bolívar 2000
Macagua 115/13.8 kV Substation And Extension Works for Macagua II 400 kV Substation Bolívar 2003